Thursday, 19 March 2015

My Current Haircare Routine

I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to hair care. It changes all the time literally just depending on what products I have at the time. I have long blonde hair that, most of the time, looks like I've just rolled out of bed. Just how I like it. Tousled, wavy and effortless. This is my two step lazy girl process to achieve my everyday hair style. Easy peasey. 

Step one: Washing 
Herbal essences Hello Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner
I use whatever there is at the time in the shower. But I'm currently using these and do actually really like them. I've always been a fan of Herbal Essences but I especially love these because of the scent. Being the coconut junkie that I am these are perfect, although I would prefer it to be a little stronger. I also think they do a really good job of making my hair soft and healthy. Sometimes I do have a bit of frizz but these are great at keeping that away too. Oh and they clean my hair too. That's all you need right? 

Step 2: Styling 
Aussie Miracle Beach Waves 
Two words. Salt spray. The one product that I use in my hair, I can't live without this stuff. The one I'm using at the moment is this one called Aussie Beach Waves. It's a great one for creating a really messy tousled look which I love. It does make your hair a little crispy but with a quick run through with your fingers that usually disappears. I spray this into the ends of my hair when it still wet and scrunch it a little bit. I briefly blow dry the roots of my hair to get some extra volume and leave this in to dry naturally. I will spray a bit more when it's dry if needed. I feel it works better on wet hair but in the picture I have 2 day old hair and I spruced it up a bit with another spritz of this. So easy! 

And that is pretty much it. So simple and that's why I love it.
Have you tried these products?

Amy x

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

Apparently this is something people have been raving about for quite some time. I've just never really paid much attention or looked at it at all, I only picked it up recently because it was one of the cheapest options!
However I have uncovered the little gem that is Rimmel Stay Matte powder. It's just amazing. Especially paired with the Maybelline dream flawless nude foundation that I wrote about a few posts back. Mine is in the colour 003 Peach Glow. I thought it may be a little too dark but it's actually fine. I went for a slightly darker colour as I didn't want a ghost face that sometimes you get with a really pale powder!
It keeps my skin nice and matte and stops any oil seeping through. I did start to have a bit of a problem with oily skin. After a while my face would look oily and shiny even after applying foundation and powder, but this stops that completely. It's staying power is great, it lasts all day and doesn't really need topping up at all. 
For £3.99 in Boots, I don't really have a single bad thing to say about this product. 
If you're looking for a new powder, definitely get this one! 

Friday, 13 March 2015

The British Tag


This has been floating around the bloggersphere for a while now, and since I'm British I thought, by Jove why not! Sooo here I am answering some questions about being british.

1. How many cups of tea do you have a day and how many sugars?
I hold my hands up. I am a complete tea addict. I have probably about 2-3 everyday without fail. Number one when I first get up.. Best cup of the day! Number 2 maybe at lunchtime. And by maybe I mean definitely. And number 3 in the evening after dinner time, most likely with some biccies! 

2. Favourite part of your roast?
Easy peasy. Roast potatoes. Oh, actually.. Yorkshire puddings. But I like parsnips too. And gravy. Why must you make us choose between so many tasty things! 

3. Favourite dunking biscuit?
Again, why must we choose?! Bourbons are always a good choice, as are custard creams. However I feel the all time best biscuit for dunking has to be the chocolate digestive. Just can't beat 'em!

4. Favourite quintessentially British pass time?
Cream teas the summer. Surprise surprise. Lovely cuppa and scones with clotted cream and jam in the sunshine. Perrrrrrfect!

5. Favourite word?
Toodle-pip is a great one. Although technically two words. 

6. Cockney rhyming slang?
I'm about as far away from being cockney as you can get but I do know a few.
Dog and bone; phone. Apples and pears; stairs. Ruby Murray; curry. Adam and Eve it; believe it. 

7. Favourite sweet?
It always has and always will be sherbet lemons. 

8. What would your pub be called?
I love pubs with hilariously long names. Especially when animals are included. So mine would be like the white horse brown bunny red squirrel frogs legs and hound. Haha. Oh dear. 

9. Number 1 British person?
I love Jonathon Ross I think he's hilarious. But I've also got to include the great Mary Berry who we can thank for the best TV show ever; The Great British Bake Off. 

10. Favourite shop?
Hmm not technically just in Britain now but topshop. And Cath Kidston.

11. Which British song pops into your head?
Anything by The Beatles, Oasis or Pink Floyd. But also songs like Parklife by Blur, Common People by Pulp and Going Underground by The Jam. 

12. Marmite?
I love marmite, especially on a bit of buttery toast or a crumpet. Yummy! 

I hope you liked that, and if any of you know of a Tea-aholics Annonymous group please do let me know.

Amy x


Nails of The Day | In a Heartbeat

Time to try the second Barry M Speedy Quick Dry nail paint I bought the other day. And when I say nails of the day I literally mean 'the day'. I'm one of those people who can't resist changing their nail colour 3,000 times a week so having a polish that is quick drying is just delightful. I absolutely love this bright coral pink colour, it's making me feel like spring is definitely on its way. Even though I'm not 100% sure it is. Damn you England!
This is just with two coats but I think I might apply another tomorrow to make it a little more opaque and try to avoid that horrible thick squidgy nail problem! 
One a side note please ignore my horrible short nails, they're normally in much better condition but I had to start again after having some gels and ruining them. Boo! 
Anyway, thanks for reading this boring post about my nails, hope you enjoyed. I'll be doing these little nail updates regularly. Aren't you lucky! :)

Amy x

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Maybelline dream Flawless Nude Foundation

Oh my god, everyone in the whole world is going crazy for this foundation so I decided to find out why. I picked one up and after only using for 2 days I've realised I'm in love. 
Let's start with the bottle. So dinky and tiny how could anyone resist it?! You don't get as much foundation as you do in a standard bottle, but at a reasonable price of £8.99 I don't mind at all. It's also on offer in Boots right now for its launch at £5.99, bargain! 
I picked up the colour number 10 Ivory and was a bit worried it would be too yellow based for my skin after looking at photos online. However after I apply it with my Real Techniques Expert Face brush and powder, it seems to be a good colour match for my fair skin.
I also like the little pipette applicator. It distributes the liquid easily and doesn't run out all over your hand like when you use a pump with a more liquidy foundation. 
The only gripe I have is that it does slightly stick to any dry patches on my skin. I have mostly oily skin so this isn't really an issue for me but I think if you did suffer from dry skin this might not be the one for you. 
Now my favourite part.. The texture! It literally feels like your rubbing silk all over your skin. Amazing. It feels like you're not even putting anything on your skin and once applied feels light and weightless, which I am totally okay with!
I love this and I think it will definitely be added to my daily makeup!
Have you tried it yet?

Amy x

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

New Barry M Speedy Quick Dry


Recently Barry M has released this new line of nail paints, with the promise of a quick drying colour. These are perfect for people like me who love changing their nail colour regularly but hate the waiting time! 
There are a really nice selection of colours, particularly the pastel themed ones just in time for spring! I picked up these two colours, a pastel blue called 'Eat My Dust' and a coral pink called 'In a Heart Beat'. I especially like the imaginative names, it just adds something a bit special and interesting the product. I have only tried the blue so far but I really liked using it. I used two coats which covered perfectly and showed the true opaque colour. 
As for the quick drying I would actually say it did dry a lot quicker than normal nail polishes! I wasn't really expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. 
They also have a new thicker, wider brush for applying. I think this is great and all Barry M nail paints should have these! It was so much easier and quicker to apply and was just another component to add to the speedy manicure these nail paints promise! 
Overall I was really nicely surprised with these and definitely will be picking up some more of the lovely spring pastel colours! 
Have you tried them yet?

Amy :)