Wednesday, 11 March 2015

New Barry M Speedy Quick Dry


Recently Barry M has released this new line of nail paints, with the promise of a quick drying colour. These are perfect for people like me who love changing their nail colour regularly but hate the waiting time! 
There are a really nice selection of colours, particularly the pastel themed ones just in time for spring! I picked up these two colours, a pastel blue called 'Eat My Dust' and a coral pink called 'In a Heart Beat'. I especially like the imaginative names, it just adds something a bit special and interesting the product. I have only tried the blue so far but I really liked using it. I used two coats which covered perfectly and showed the true opaque colour. 
As for the quick drying I would actually say it did dry a lot quicker than normal nail polishes! I wasn't really expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. 
They also have a new thicker, wider brush for applying. I think this is great and all Barry M nail paints should have these! It was so much easier and quicker to apply and was just another component to add to the speedy manicure these nail paints promise! 
Overall I was really nicely surprised with these and definitely will be picking up some more of the lovely spring pastel colours! 
Have you tried them yet?

Amy :)

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